Consecutive TDK spelling… How to spell ‘consecutive’, combined or separate?

While sharing the correct spelling of the words whose spelling is confused on the official website of the Turkish Language Institution, it also conveys the dictionary meanings.

Accordingly, the dictionary meaning of the word “consecutive” includes “consecutive” expressions. So how is this word spelled?


This is the correct spelled use of the word “consecutive”. In other words, the spelling mistake that is often made is the misspelling of this word “consecutively”. Again, some spelling mistakes are as follows: ‘in succession’, ‘in a row’ and ‘in succession’.

Example sentence given by TDK regarding this word:

“It makes the obstacles that it sets up one after another bigger and bigger”

The inclusion of correct and incorrect usage in sentences can be reproduced with examples like this.

Repeatedly incoming attacks brought the goal with it” CORRECT USE

Consecutive incoming attacks brought the goal with it” WRONG USE

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