Civil training plane crashed in Aksaray: 2 injured

The civilian training plane that took off from Istanbul Atatürk Airport crashed on a plot between Bozkır and Sarıkaraman villages in the Ortaköy district of Aksaray due to engine failure. Hakan Zengin and Hakan Göktürk, the pilots of the crashed plane, were slightly injured.

Breaking news! Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu announced that 2 people on the civilian training plane that crashed in Ortaköy district were injured.

Aydoğdu said that the training plane that took off from Istanbul fell on a plot between Bozkır and Sarıkaraman villages of the district due to engine failure.

Stating that there were two pilots on the training plane belonging to a private company, Aydoğdu said, “It crashed on a land 700 meters away from the highway. I talked to the pilots on the phone, they are in good condition.” said. It was learned that the pilots were Hakan Zengin and Hakan Göktürk.

Hakan Göktürk, one of the pilots who was slightly injured in the accident, also stated that they took off from Atatürk Airport and that the engine of the plane lost power while over the district. Explaining that they tried to descend by planning after the loss of power in the engine, Göktürk said, “Good, we put the wheel. We went, but we got into the pit. We rolled over because the front wheel got into the ditch. We are both fine, there is no problem.” he said.


The owner of the land, Fatiş Demirci, said that no one could prevent the accident that came from God. Demirci stated that he was very happy that the pilots survived and said, “May God give good health, the rest is empty. I heard about the accident from the neighbors and I came. Our land is empty right now, we were going to plant pumpkin seeds, we were preparing it. I came to check the land. The plane crashed on our land, there is a good thing.” he said. Ortaköy Municipality firefighters removed the wreckage of the crashed plane with the help of a crane and cleared the land.

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