City Names Starting With Z… Cities And Countries Starting With The Letter Z

City Names Starting With Z

The city, which starts with the letter Z, which is the last letter of the alphabet, is only one in Turkey. The city that has rich coal deposits in the Black Sea region and starts with Z is the city of Zonguldak. Worldwide, there are more cities that start with the letter Z. These cities are;
1- The city of Zurich in Switzerland,
2- Zakynthos Island in Greece (considered as a city),
3- The city of Zeorsel in Belgium,
4- The city of Zilina in Slovakia,
5- The city of Zagreb in Croatia,
6- The city of Zaragoza in Spain,
7- The cities of Zanjan and Zahedan in Iran,
8- The cities of Zhaotong, Zunyi and Zhuhai in China,
9- The city of Zilfi in Saudi Arabia,
10- Zambezi city in Zambia,
11- The city of Zaria in Nigeria,
12- The city of Zuwara in Libya,
13- The city of Zagora in Morocco,
14- The city of Zapatoca in Colombia,
15- The city of Zanesvilla and Zacharbay in the USA,
16- The city of Zacatecas in Mexico,
17- In Kazakhstan, poems like Zhairem begin with the letter Z.

Cities and Countries Starting with the Letter Z

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in the south of Africa that starts with the letter Z. The other country that starts with the letter Z is Zambia. Zambia is a republic located in the middle of Africa and is a country bordering Zimbabwe. New Zealand Since it consists of two names and starts with the word ‘New’, it is not included in the category of countries starting with the letter Z.

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