Citizen and cat who fell into the well were rescued

The incident occurred at around 23.30 in the forest area of ​​Beykoz Riva Neighborhood Çayağzı coast.

Allegedly, Mustafa Başak, who went out to collect bushes in the forest, did not notice the open 15 meters deep well and fell into it. Mustafa Başak, who was injured in the well he fell, tried to make his voice heard by shouting. After a while, a citizen who heard the voices of help came to the scene and contacted Başak. Upon the citizen’s notice, firefighters, police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. After about an hour of work, Mustafa Başak, who fell into the well, was saved as injured. It was learned that the injured, who was taken to the hospital after the first aid at the scene, was not life-threatening.

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On the other hand, firefighters noticed a cat that was thought to have fallen into the well during the rescue efforts and rescued it from the well where it was stuck. Police continues to work on the incident.

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