CHP’s eyes are on the critical Istanbul provincial presidential election

The congress process is underway in CHP, where discussions on change have continued since the election. Before the 38th ordinary congress, all eyes are on the critical Istanbul provincial presidential election. It is wondered whether the winning provincial presidential candidate will be a name close to those who want change or to the headquarters.

CHP’s district congresses, which started on August 5, have been largely completed. Provincial congresses will start on September 16 and will be completed on October 15. While it has been confirmed that the Ankara provincial congress will be held on September 23, the date for Istanbul has not yet been determined. The Şile district congress is expected to be held.

So, what is being talked about behind the scenes regarding the district congresses in Istanbul, which has the highest number of congress delegates? While those who want change in the party say, “We are ahead by a large margin,” the headquarters emphasizes that 30 of the 39 districts are with Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. CHP members, who are distant from both sides, argue that the race is neck-and-neck.

After the completion of the CHP provincial congresses, the CHP Party Assembly will clarify the date of the ordinary elective congress. The congress is expected to be held in November. A general presidential election and a change in the statute will be held at the congress.

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