China’s first domestically produced passenger plane ‘C919’ meets the sky

China’s first domestic C919 passenger plane made its maiden flight today. The 164-seat plane, which took off from Shanghai early Sunday, made a successful landing in Beijing after a flight of about 3 hours with 130 passengers. In the statement made by the Commercial Aviation Corporation of China (COMAC), it was stated that the aircraft, which was built to break the superiority of Western-made single-aisle jets such as Airbus and Boeing, is planned to produce 150 units per year in 5 years, and more than 1,200 orders have already been received.

While the engine and electronic systems of the passenger plane consisted of Western parts, Chinese President Xi Jinping, who sat in the cockpit of the C919 model a few years ago, described the project as one of China’s most innovative achievements.

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