Champions League: ‘Nothing is impossible’ infront of Paris Saint-Germain, tells the manager of Barcelona Ronald Koeman

Ronald Koeman hold on Barcelona will pull off another unbelievable comeback opposite to Paris Saint-Germain since on Wednesday, particularly when Lionel Messi plays his magnificent best.

Barca were thrashed 4-1 at the 1st leg of their Champions League final 16 final month however Koeman considers his team could replicate the’remontada’ of 2017.

If they chased a 4-0 defeat by PSG having an astounding 6-1 success. “There’s always an opportunity,” said Koeman at a media conference on Tuesday.

“It depends upon how we initiate the sport, the more energy we put into creating life hard for them and just how ruthless we’re. “They’re in the leg we always create opportunities.

Therefore if we could be totally primitive, nothing is hopeless.”PSG are also without Neymar back in Paris following the club confirmed he’s still dealing with a leg injury.

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“Neymar is among the greatest players on earth,” said Barca midfielder Frenkie de Jong. “When he is not facing you, it is easier, obviously.”

Despite scoring a penalty from the very first match in Camp Nou, Messi was overshadowed by means of a statement functionality from PSG’s Kylian Mbappe.

That ripped Barcelona aside with a gorgeous hat-trick. However, Messi was in great shape with seven goals in his past seven matches and Koeman considers.

His captain could create something unique to turn on the tie. “If Leo could perform one of the greatest games, what’s possible,” Koeman said. “He is the sort of player than could pick any game, at any moment.

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Messi was in the spotlight this past week following Joan Laporta won the team elections to come back as president Sunday.Laporta oversaw Messi’s breakthrough in Barca.

Throughout his first semester in charge, and it has expressed optimism on forcing the 33-year-old to remain. “The president has a background with Leo along with other players.

From the group that’s favorable,” said Koeman. “I really don’t know whether it affects anything for Leo since he can pick his future. “But obviously everybody at Barca needs him to remain with us.

“The president won elections from a significant distance and also for the club it is excellent to have a leader, to have the ability to work to enhance the future of the bar.

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Laporta also fulfilled with Koeman on Monday, amid an uncertain potential for Barcelona’s trainer awarded the change of regime.

“I understand him, we’ve met several times previously,” said Koeman.

“Everything is dependent on outcomes however things have gone so far. He said a couple of words into the staff and players and that also there was a fantastic feeling.”

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