Champions League is the target in FOMGET!

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) FOMGET Youth and Sports Club Women’s Football Team, which made its mark in the finals of the Women’s Super League and is the rival of Fenerbahçe, continues its preparations before the final to be held on June 2 in Ankara.

The Turkcell Women’s Football Super League play-off final, which will be played between Fenerbahçe Petrol Ofisi Women’s Football Team and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fomget GSK, will be held at Izmir Alsancak Mustafa Denizli Stadium on Friday, 2 June. The match will start at 20:00. Captain of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) FOMGET team, which will go to Izmir on Monday, May 29 for the final match. Selda Akgozstriker Benan Altintas and technical manager Fahri Bayraktarmade statements to the press.

Selda Akgoz


National team goalkeeper and FOMGET team captain and goalkeeper Selda Akgöz stated that they had suffered a lot until now, but they overcame all of them.We only have one game left. If you want success, you leave even the worst moments behind, you have to focus on success. We left all the bad behind, we focused on our last 1 match. We continue our preparations. We will represent our Ankara in the best way on the 2nd of the month. We aim to bring that trophy here. Whatever you’re feeling that day, you play if you’re on the day. We beat them at home in this stadium. We will do whatever it takes that day. We have a good squad that we are in the final. Foreign players also have an important place in women’s football. The better strangers you have, the further they take you. We have friends from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Montenegro in our team. They are also doing the best they can. The more a team embraces each other with their strangers, the further they move. Hopefully the cup will come to Ankara. You shouldn’t speak clearly. We will prepare for that day in the best way and go to our final match.” said.

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Benan Altintas


Stating that they were very prepared for the match and that they dreamed of winning the final and bringing the trophy to Ankara, striker Benan Altıntaş said, “We prepared as well as possible. I hope we bring the trophy to Ankara. Fenerbahce or Galatasaray are very strong teams. We’re going match by match. He will be whatever is needed on the field that day. Everyone wants to play in the Champions League. Champions League is our dream. I hope we make it happen. We’ve been wanting this since the beginning of the season. We’ve all gone through difficult, troubled times, but as a result, we are in the final. We want to win and go to the Champions League‘ he said.

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Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) FOMGET Youth and Sports Club Women’s Football Team Technical Supervisor Fahri Bayraktar reminded that they made it to the final by eliminating last year’s champion.We are a good team, we prepared well. We’ve been working hard since last August. We have good facilities. We want to see the summit in the final and bring a championship to Ankara. Both teams know each other. We played 2 matches, we have 1 win and 1 draw. Our teams have their pros and cons. We will evaluate them and try to defeat our opponent with tactical works.” said.

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