Chain accident in Edirne: 2 dead

Edirne Governor Yunus Sezer, who examined the accident site, made a statement to journalists. Stating that there was a traffic accident involving 12 vehicles in the afternoon, Sezer said, “There is a traffic accident in both lanes at the same time. I think there is a field fire next to the lane in the direction of Edirne. It may have had an effect either because of that or due to carelessness, all of these were revealed as a result of the investigation.” There are comments from friends that it may have happened while driving in the opposite lane. 12 vehicles are involved. Unfortunately, we have one citizen who lost his life, may God have mercy on him. There are also 36 slightly injured people who were affected by the accident in some way. One of our victims is in serious condition. It looks like our friends intervened. We hope that there will be no life-threatening danger and that he will recover as soon as possible. We wish him a speedy recovery. Our friends, the police, the gendarmerie and our health units are all here. They have taken the necessary precautions. And now, soon. “Work will begin to open the road. All the injured have been sent to hospitals,” he said.


Driver Serkan Güngörmez, who came from Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa and went to Edirne, said, “We came to this area thinking that the fire was light and got into the fire. There was a big truck, it did not hit us, but it came and hit the vehicles. We narrowly escaped. The smoke was really invisible.” said.

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