Central Bank announced: Limitation on commercial loan commissions

The Central Bank has limited the commission fees applied to commercial loans. According to the regulation, loan allocation fees will not exceed 0.25 percent of the credit limit allocated in the first limit allocation, and 0.125 percent of the renewed limit in limit renewals.


In cases where the limit is increased, a new loan allocation fee may be charged over the additional limit.

As long as the limit allocation or renewal request does not come from the commercial customer, the loan allocation fee will not be charged.

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The maximum loan allocation fee is annual and is applied proportionally, taking into account the number of months of the allocated limit period.


According to the information in the Official Gazette, the loan disbursement fee can only be taken from cash loans.

Loan disbursement fees will not exceed 1.10 percent of the loan, excluding revolving loans.

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In revolving loans, it will not exceed 1 percent of the average loan disbursement balance per year.

The disbursement fee for revolving loans will be accrued at the end of the period over the average loan disbursement balance of the relevant period, and at the time of each disbursement for other cash loans.

Maximum loan disbursement fee will be applied, taking into account the number of maturity days and deducting proportionally, for loan disbursements with a maturity of less than one year.

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