Caught at Sabiha Gökçen Airport: 5 kilograms of powdered gold was absorbed into his clothes

Approximately 5 kilograms of gold impregnated with clothes was seized by the Ministry of Commerce Customs Enforcement teams at Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

According to the written statement made by the Ministry, a foreign national passenger was followed within the scope of the risk analysis studies carried out by the Istanbul Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate and Sabiha Gökçen Customs Directorate teams. During the search, it was determined that the clothes on the passenger were heavier and harder than normal. Upon opening the lining of the passenger’s clothes during a detailed search, it was found that materials similar to sponges were found inside. As a result of the examinations, it was understood that the said sponges were impregnated by powdering gold and that it could be brought back to its solid form by processing at high temperatures. As a result of the weighing and determination, approximately 5 kilograms of gold were seized. The investigation into the incident continues before the Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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