Car collided with light commercial vehicle: 1 child died, 8 people were injured – Last Minute Turkey News

The skidded car turned upside down.

In the accident, driver İlknur Yılmaz’s children Yunus Emre, Talha and Dila, his wife Ergin and his wife’s brother Sami Yılmaz and Halime Çınar and twins Yusuf and Hamza Cufadar were injured.

Police, firefighters and medical teams were dispatched to the accident site upon the notification of the people around.

The injured, whose first interventions were made at the accident site, were taken to Merzifon State Hospital.

Yunus Emre Yılmaz, one of the injured who was treated, could not be saved despite all the efforts of the doctors.

An investigation has been initiated regarding the accident.

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