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Depression is a word that specifically describes people’s mood. Since it is also used to describe a psychiatric disorder, it has taken the name of disease over time. When this concept is used for individuals, it is thought that the person is in a state of mental depression. A depressed individual may feel emotionally sad, sad, hopeless, inadequate and worthless. In fact, in the process of depression, the individual can isolate himself from society as a behavior. He may become withdrawn, become stagnant, not be able to take pleasure from the situations he lives in, and may be reluctant. In his physical symptoms, he may experience sleep and appetite problems.

Depression and sadness should not be confused

It is a normal process for individuals to feel sad in the face of sad events in the natural flow of life. In daily life, individuals may feel down, unhappy, pessimistic or sad. However, depression includes different processes than feeling sad. Therefore, depression and sadness should not be confused with each other.

Some processes in life can cause sadness. After all, life does not promise us to be happy all the time. Examining the symptoms of depression may help to understand the difference between sadness and sadness in this process. Symptoms of depression include; feeling sad all the time, loss of interest and pleasure in daily activities, the individual’s need to overeat or lack of appetite, sleep-related problems, constantly feeling tired such as sleeping all the time, difficulty in sleeping, slowness in speaking and movements, feeling worthless and guilty, loss of concentration, loss of decision making difficulties and suicidal tendencies. Therefore, in order for individuals to be diagnosed with depression, the above-mentioned symptoms must persist for at least 6 months. Depression can be seen in individuals of all ages. An individual who is depressed in daily life can feel good when a positive situation occurs. However, an individual with a diagnosis of depression does not feel better in the face of events. Therefore, as stated, it may be an erroneous approach to define the states of hopelessness against the ordinary situations that occur in daily life as depression.

What causes depression?

It is known that psychological, biological and social factors play a role in the causes of depression in humans. Each of these factors can cause depression. The early loss of a parent, separation from loved ones or the death of a loved one, substance abuse, divorce, having a traumatic childhood or a traumatic event, having a family history of depression, certain medications and diseases can increase the risk of depression. The types of depression experienced by individuals are not of the same severity. There are different types of depression. These; It is divided into mild depression, moderate depression and severe (major) depression. Depression, which affects the lives of individuals in different ways, continues in some cases when the symptoms suddenly increase in severity and then subside. According to some studies, depression; It is twice as common in women as in men. One of the possible symptoms of this situation is that men express their depression symptoms with different actions. Women generally do not resort to such actions.

It has been observed that severe depression occurs more frequently in people who are exposed to constant stress, who have been exposed to violence, and who have experienced some traumas. It is thought that not meeting the feelings of belonging, being loved, valued, trust, and success, which are needed especially at young ages, causes people to become depressed in the future.

Depression is a serious illness

In the treatment of depression, it is aimed to eliminate the events that affect the mood and emotional state of the person. In our age, it can be seen that people often feel sad or depressed. In situations such as difficult lives, extreme sadness, extreme sadness, feeling worthless in the struggle for life, people may need to take depression treatment. Especially in the process of severe depression, diagnosis and treatment should be made by specialist doctors because severe depression is a serious illness. Antidepressants and alternative drugs can be used in the treatment of depression, the diagnosis and diagnosis of which are determined by specialist doctors. Drug treatment is given in appropriate doses by physicians specialized in psychiatry. The role of psychotherapy in the treatment of severe depression is also important. In particular, holistic treatment, in which medication and psychotherapy are used together, should be applied. In addition to drugs, psychotherapy is aimed to keep the individual away from negative thoughts and behaviors and to make the individual more active in life. Mild to moderate depression was difficult to diagnose because its symptoms do not bother the patient and their relatives. In short, depression is one of the most common psychiatric disorders. When the correct diagnosis and effective treatment methods are used, healthy results can be obtained.

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