Camel flu could spread at 2022 Qatar World Cup

Experts supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), ‘camel flu’announced that they are concerned about the spread of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

According to the news in The Sun, MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) is a deadlier relative of Covid-19 and kills a third of those who get the disease.

Disease experts have identified MERS as eight potential potentialities that could theoretically arise during the World Cup. “from the risk of contagious disease” evaluated as one.

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It is also listed as the two most likely threats. Covid-19 and Monkey Flower also took place.

of experts New Microbes and New Infections According to an article published in the journal (New bacteria and new infections), the World Cup “inevitably pose risks of communicable disease” made a statement.

WHO epidemiologist Prof. Dr. Patricia Schlagenhauf and her team said that this is especially true for Qatar and neighboring countries. Experts suggested that due to the large number of fans who go to Qatar to watch football matches, the disease may also spread to other countries such as England and the USA.

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MERS was first reported ten years ago in Saudi Arabia, which borders Qatar.

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