Calling on retired military personnel to take up arms in Sudan

Sudan “Rebel forces (HDK) continue to violate the humanitarian ceasefire and attack certain institutions,” Defense Minister Yasin İbrahim said in a statement broadcast on state television.

Accusing the HDK of humiliating some symbols close to the state and detaining retired army members, İbrahim said, “We call on all officers, non-commissioned officers and privates who have retired from the army, and anyone who can handle a gun, to head to the nearest military center to take up arms to protect themselves, their families, neighbors and honor. ‘ he said.

The Sudanese Communist Party also stated that the HDK raided the party headquarters in Khartoum 2 district of the capital yesterday and noted that some goods were looted and serious damage occurred in the center.

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In Sudan, the parties declared a one-week humanitarian ceasefire on 22 May.


While the army demanded that the HDK, which it once supported but regarded as a threat because it acted as an independent and parallel army, to be fully integrated into the army within 2 years, the HDK announced that it could accept this in a period spanning about 10 years after a civilian government. The war and the escalating tension turned into an armed conflict between the parties on the morning of April 15, in the capital Khartoum and in various cities.

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The HDK was formed in the form of a militia structure to fight against the rebels, protect the borders and maintain order in Darfur during the period of President Omar al-Bashir, who was overthrown by a coup in 2019. The HDK, which joined the Security and Intelligence Organization in 2013 and gradually gained an independent structure, has tens of thousands of members.

Stating that more than one million people were displaced within the country, the United Nations announced that 300,000 people fled to neighboring countries due to conflicts.

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Sudan’s Ministry of Health announced that 709 people have been killed and 5,424 injured since the beginning of the conflict.

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