Call from Yemen to the international community: Pressure must be put on the Houthis

Member of the Presidential Council of Yemen Sultan al-Arada, EnglandAmbassador of the Richard Oppenheim with Saudi Arabiamet in the capital city of Riyadh.

In the meeting, YemenThe latest developments in Turkey, the humanitarian ceasefire process and the opportunities to renew the ceasefire in the shadow of the violations of the Houthis were discussed.

Sultan al-Aradamade statements regarding the Houthis’ announcement that they would not accept the extension of the ceasefire if the wages of those working in the areas under their control were not paid by the government.

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In the meantime, he said that the Presidential Council has made many concessions to ensure peace and stability in the country and to alleviate humanitarian suffering.

In the meantime, the opening of the roads to Taiz and other provinces and the salaries of the workers in the regions under their control Hudaydah Port He stressed that pressure should be put on the Iranian-backed Houthis to fulfill their obligations under the ceasefire declaration, including payment from their revenues.

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Houthisannounced on September 28 that they would not agree to renew the ceasefire if the government did not pay the salaries of civil servants that had not been paid for years.

Nearly 500,000 civil servants living in Houthi-controlled areas have had their salaries cut for years due to the war in the country and the split of the Central Bank.

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UN Representative Hans Grundbergis holding talks with the Yemeni parties to extend the ceasefire in Yemen, which has lasted for about 6 months and will end on October 2.

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