Burger King workers fired next of the police officer gives food with a pig drawn on it

A New Mexico-based Police Officer just recently published the picture of a wrapper from Burger King which he claims was drawn in by the dining establishment employees situated in Clovis. The employees at this Hamburger king joint apparently played this vicious joke which resulted in them being fire from their positions.

The wrapper had an animation pig pulled in with a text that obviously implied that this is what one obtains for buying food from Hamburger King when in uniform. Not just that, aside from this disparaging text as well as illustration, the police officer declared that the food wrapper was defaced and also the food looked scorched too.

This photo was submitted by Timo Rosenthal to Facebook. He likewise priced estimate that the patties were greatly burned & the burger was of extremely subpar. In reaction to this incident, the Hamburger King representative stated that this behaviour revealed by the Hamburger King staff members was entirely undesirable.

Currently, the restaurant has changed its error by supplying the cops officials with free meals as well as lunch provided as a goodwill motion. Reverberating with this behavior, Clovis Cops Division chief stated that he was really dissatisfied at this disparaging practices towards the police authorities.

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