Brexit didn’t work out: Record migrant entry to England

In the process of Britain’s departure from the European Union (Brexit), the most important propaganda material of the politicians who were in favor of this policy was emigration. According to these segments, Brexit would reduce immigration. The latest data released showed that immigration to England reached record levels.


According to the figures released by the Office of National Statistics the previous day, approximately 1.2 million people came to the UK in 2022, while 557 thousand people left the country. This means that net migration is 606 thousand. This is the largest increase on record and does not include illegal immigrants entering the UK. It is recorded that the number of people entering this country from the English Channel increased by 60 percent last year and reached 45,000. “The numbers are so high, it’s that simple and I want to bring them down,” said British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Sunak’s goal is to bring net immigration below five hundred thousand, when he took office, and to stop illegal crossings of the English Channel.

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Humanitarian visas for Ukrainians fleeing Russian occupation and those leaving Hong Kong due to mounting political pressure also contributed to the increase in numbers. In addition to these groups, there is an increase in visas given to those who come to the UK from non-EU countries to study or work and their families. Migration experts say it is too early to say whether the record increase recorded in 2022 will be long-term.

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– An investigation has been launched against five French soldiers regarding the deaths of 27 immigrants, aged 7 to 46, whose boats sank at the end of 2021 in the English Channel, which is heavily used in illegal crossings from FRANCE to the UK. The reason for the investigation against three female and two male soldiers is not to help a person in danger. It is suspected that the French authorities did not come to the aid of the immigrants despite being called to help about the incident fifteen times.

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