Breaths were held, the election result was awaited

After the voting process was completed, Türkiye held its breath and began to wait for the election results.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan shared a post on his social media account at 17:00, when the voting process was completed. He reminded the warning to be at the ballot boxes.

Then, the Chairman of the Supreme Election Board Ahmet Yener appeared in front of the cameras at 17.13. He gave the first information about the election.

The first statement from CHP came from Faik Öztrak at 17.30. Öztrak said, “Our officials and citizens should continue to protect the ballot boxes.”

At 18.07, IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener made an election evaluation and said, “Let’s take care of the ballot boxes.”

At 18.12, YSK Chairman Yener was in front of the cameras once again. Announcing that the broadcast ban has been lifted, he said, “There is no problem in data flow.”

At 18.50, the second statement came from the CHP and the statements “We seem to have received the vote of one of every two people” were used.

The response to that statement came from AK Party Spokesperson Ömer Çelik when the clock showed 19.05 and said, “The CHP is trying to present its data as if it were real. There is no need for the CHP headquarters to be in a panic mood,” he said.

In 19.58, YSK Chairman Yener shared the data of 75 percent. Then, when the clock showed 20.17, Erdoğan thanked the people in Kısıklı, Istanbul.

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli congratulated President Erdogan at 20:57. Then came the statements from the components of the Nation Alliance and the last statement in the capital was the balcony speech of PRESIDENT ERDOĞAN.

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