BREAKING NEWS: Sweden’s NATO membership process… President Erdoğan: I cannot say ‘yes’ unless it is passed by the Parliament

Erdoğan, who started his speech by expressing his condolences to those who lost their lives in the severe earthquake in Morocco, emphasized that Turkey is ready to help Morocco with all its resources.

Erdoğan said, ‘I wish Morocco to get well soon. “As a country that experienced the disaster of the century 6 months ago, we are ready to help with all our means,” he said.

We have completed the 18th G20 leaders’ summit. “I congratulate India,” said Erdogan, adding the following in his statements:

‘Our theme this year is one world, one family, one future. We consulted on environmental issues. Climate change, biodiversity, especially its loss, makes the impact of the planetary crisis felt even more. We are already seeing the devastating consequences of this, ranging from forest fires to floods. ‘We take responsibility for these issues that affect the common future of our world.’

Erdoğan said, ‘We are among the countries that made the most contributions with the Paris Climate Agreement and Net Zero Emission projects’ and continued his words as follows;

‘We are 5th in Europe and 12th in the world in terms of renewable installed capacity. Our investments in energy prevented 90 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. We doubled our goal. We are one of the leading countries in the world in the fight against erosion. We work for a greener, cleaner, more livable world.’

Erdoğan said, ‘Our Zero Waste project, which we carried out under the leadership of my wife Emine Erdoğan, was deemed worthy of 5 international awards. It has turned into a global movement. “The importance of Zero Waste projects was highlighted in the G20 declaration,” he said.

“Regardless of our faith or culture, we are all members of a family of 8 billion people,” said Erdogan and continued his words as follows;

‘None of us can feel safe in a world where children die of hunger, our seas are rapidly turning into a huge refugee cemetery, millions of people leave their homes due to wars, and human life becomes worthless. The return of the displaced to their countries should be ensured. We believe that a more just world is possible. We are the country that provides the most aid in the world in proportion to national income. We support 4 million victims. By clearing the north of Syria from terrorism, we eliminate the main reasons that force people to migrate at their source. Nearly 600 thousand Syrians returned to their homeland safely and voluntarily. Hopefully it will increase even more.’

‘As Turkey, we believe that a more just world is possible. “We are the country that provides the most aid in the world in proportion to national income,” said Erdoğan, adding the following in his statement:

‘We are making intense efforts to end the Russia-Ukraine war, which has cost the lives of 100s of thousands of people. We have made many diplomatic moves. 33 million tons of grain were delivered to international markets. Thanks to the initiative, we prevented the food crisis. The initiative was extended 3 times. We talked about this issue with Putin once again during my visit to Sochi at the beginning of the week. As Russia, Qatar and Türkiye, we want 1 million tons of grain to be delivered to those suffering in Africa. ‘It is important to prevent any movement that will escalate tension.’

Erdoğan: We are 5th in Europe and 12th in the world in terms of renewable installed capacity. With the steps we took in renewable energy, we prevented 90 million tons of carbon equivalent greenhouse gas emissions annually. “In line with our 2053 net zero emission target, we have doubled our emission reduction target by 2030,” he said.

Stating that the Russia-Ukraine war must end, Erdoğan pointed out that Turkey has made many diplomatic initiatives in this context.

Erdoğan said, ‘With our country’s proposals and efforts, the attack on holy books was also condemned in the G20 declaration.’

‘Attacks targeting Muslims have now exceeded the limits of tolerance in western countries and turned into a frenzy of hatred. In the face of this barbarism, most countries are playing the three monkeys. “Burning the Holy Quran under police protection is a clear provocation,” said Erdoğan and continued his words as follows;

‘No one can expect us to remain silent. I believe that all countries should now follow more determined policies. If the law is necessary, it should be made quickly. Based on the principle that a friend speaks bitterly, I consider it my duty to tell the truth openly. We raise this issue on all platforms, especially the UN.

Held with record attendance reaching 90 percent elections We saw the strength of Turkish democracy and our nation’s trust in our government. OVP was appreciated both at home and abroad. The statement made by the World Bank shows this. ‘They added a new investment package of $18 billion.’

Erdoğan said, ‘As prejudices against our country are eliminated, new institutions will be added. Together we will see that international investments increase further. “We will never break away from our goal of the Türkiye Century,” he said.

Saying ‘The steps taken by Armenia are not correct’, Erdoğan stated that he met with Aliyev and announced that he will meet with Pashinyan tomorrow.

Stating that he discussed the F-16 issue with Biden, Erdoğan said, ‘We met with Biden even if it was a walk-in conversation. Unfortunately, when it comes to the F-16, our friends take the issue and say Sweden is Sweden. This approach saddens us. I have only one answer, you call everything a congress. I also have a congress. Unless such a decision is passed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, I cannot say anything. I’m not in a position to decide on my own. “I have to wait for the decision of my parliament,” he said.

Erdoğan also underlined that Sweden should fulfill its responsibilities.

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