‘Bosphorus toll’ statement from the Ministry

In the statement made by the Ministry, the Montreux Straits Convention signed on 20 July 1936; While the principle of freedom of passage for merchant ships in the Turkish straits is preserved, it was noted that the strait passage regime was reorganized taking into account Turkey’s security. The Montreux Convention, which has been one of the rare multilateral agreements that has survived since its signing, said: “The Montreux Convention, which Turkey has implemented with complete impartiality and meticulousness for more than 86 years, is a sign that Turkey, as well as the Black Sea riparian states and the third It creates a reasonable and applicable balance of interests for all countries.Article 2 of the Montreux Straits Convention regulates the taxes and fees to be collected from the ships that will pass through the Turkish straits without a stop. In the calculation of these fees, the ‘Golden Franc’ unit specified in the provisions of the 1936 Montreux Straits Convention should be taken as a basis. In addition, in the Annex-1 of the Convention, “The reductions to be accepted by the Turkish government in these taxes and fees will be applied regardless of the flag.” place the judgment it is said.

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In the statement, it was stated that 75 percent discount was made in wages based on the discount authority given to the Turkish government with the decision taken by Turkey in 1983, and the discounted gold franc value determined on that day was used until 2022.

“In the meantime, no update has been made regarding the update of the discounted Gold Franc value. As a matter of fact, it has been decided to update the Gold Franc value, which will be the basis for the health inspection service, lighthouse service and rescue service fees to be paid by the ships passing through the Turkish Straits. Accordingly, in 1983, ‘1 discounted Gold Franc value The value determined as ‘Frances: 0.8063 dollars’ was updated to 4.08 dollars in 2022 to be implemented as of October 7, 2022. In this way, the lighthouse service and rescue service fees, which are currently taken from the ships passing without a call, were increased by 5 times. Again with this decision. It has been decided that the Golden Frank will not be fixed from now on and that it will be updated with the date of July 1 by the Ministry of Transport at the end of June every year with the determined method.

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