Blood-curdling details emerged about the corpse in the sack in the toilet

Metin Üreyil, who did a car wash business in Ataşehir district Yenisahra District, did not return to his home on Saturday, 27 May. Üreyil’s relatives immediately went to the police and filed a missing persons complaint with the Head of the Missing Persons Bureau. The teams that started a study on the subject determined from the camera footage that Üreyil left his shop at noon on the day of his disappearance, got into a vehicle and drove away. In the examinations, it was determined that the vehicle belonged to MAI. Deepening their work, the teams found a body in a sack in the toilet of the suspect’s workplace in Üsküdar Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Deniz Sokak. It was determined that the body, which was determined to belong to the missing Üreyil, was killed with a bullet in the head and put in a sack.


After the disappearance turned into murder, the teams of the Public Security Branch Office of the Murder Bureau, which took over the incident, started working to catch the suspect. He detained two suspects. The teams first detained İhsan A., who was working at the suspect’s workplace and was also the father of his girlfriend. In the statement of the suspect taken into custody; “MAI. On Sunday morning, I will call me and hand over one of the shops, we need to clean it. “I’m coming to get you,” he said. After a while he came and took me. While I was driving, he had me buy cleaning supplies and a sack from somewhere. When we went to work, I saw the body. I had to help him because he threatened me.”


It was alleged that Şevket A., who was detained by the Murder Bureau teams, helped the suspect escape. In his statement; “MAI. He called me and said, “Let’s get a little distracted, let’s go for a walk.” I said ok and then we went to Trabzon. I returned the next day. I was not aware of the incident,” he said.


In the study conducted by the homicide bureau detectives, the details of the cause of the incident were revealed. Allegedly, MAI. It was learned that there was a 900 thousand lira debt issue between him and Metin Üreyil, and that MAI took Üreyil to his workplace on the day of the incident. It was determined that the day after MAI killed Üreyil there, he called his employee İhsan A., had him clean the area, put the body in a sack and threw it into the toilet in the basement.

The two suspects, who were taken into custody on the subject, were referred to the courthouse after their proceedings at the Public Security Branch Office of the Murder Bureau. While the Murder Bureau Teams continue to work on the incident, the fugitive suspect MAI. is sought everywhere.

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