Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, on CNN TÜRK

Minister Bilgin’s statements are as follows:

The important thing is to contribute to the flow of politics in this process. Of course, I was an Ankara deputy before, and I am not a stranger to politics. You know, in the first round, the Turkish nation evaluated it with great common sense and the will of the nation emerged. What is initial assessment? There is a difference of 14 points between the People’s Alliance and the Nation Alliance. AK Party has been in power for 21 years, CHP has been in power for 21 years, and there is a 10-point difference to the opposition. Of course, it would be wrong to say anything about the new cabinet to our president’s evaluation, now.

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To protect all workers against inflation, in the face of inflation, which takes care of all our employees in our civil servants. Inflation is a destructive thing, we have taken steps to protect it. The biggest thing to protect this is the minimum wage. In our period, a raise was made once a year. Our President said that we will make a valuation in July.

The Turkish state is a social state as it is written in our constitution. In a social state, it is primarily responsible for protecting the workers. This is in the tradition of the Turkish state. During the impossibilities of the Republican period, regulations were made to protect the workers. The origin of today’s severance pay dates back to that period. Türkiye grows with the production of its workers. It was very difficult to find these in Turkey yesterday. education was very poor, there were no various occupational groups. For this reason, it was very difficult to find it in the past.

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I have already mentioned a change of around 500 dollars, according to the purchasing power of money and the range of changes in real prices. Last year, we made the highest hike in dollar terms. We will give a similar minimum wage increase in July.

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