Bigg Boss Malayalam Fame Robin Radhakrishnan Says His First Priority Is Mental Peace


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| Published: Tuesday, April 11, 2023, 22:40 [IST]

Bigg Boss Season 4 Fame No other contestant has got the same acceptance as Rob. That’s how Robin Radhakrishnan wave is in Kerala. But as his fame increased, so did his enemies. Many people came forward against Robin with evidence, accusing him of lying.

Sometimes things got to the point where Robin couldn’t control things and everything he touched turned into a mess. Many people came to the scene to criticize Robin’s shouting and talking. Many people also pointed out that Robin often behaves without following the etiquette that should be observed in public.

When it comes to openings, Robin will surely be screaming and talking. Most of the people even come to watch the show just to see Robin’s screaming enthusiasm.

Recently, Robin, who distributed aid at the children’s home, recorded a video of himself with the children and shared it on social media. Robin went to Sri Lanka when the criticism increased and returned after a few days. Now, Robin attends inaugurations very meekly.

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And speaking only by thinking. Social media also says that Rob has changed a lot. Now Robin is talking to the people about the allegations against him and about the movie Ravana Yuddha that he is going to direct. Robin answered people’s questions while speaking at an event.

Robin says that he is not making a movie about the terrible incident. The pre-production of Ravanayudham movie is going on. It is my second project. The first project is different. A common man like me can make films. But we will have to face a lot of struggles.’

‘That’s why I thought I could do Grajwali. The reason is not something to jump to. I used to work as a doctor. Therefore, the field of cinema is very different. It is something that should be learned and done well. I’m not doing a horror movie. But I will give my best and try to make the film.’

“I will inform about the movie itself through my page. Everyone try to watch the movie if you can. I will not force anyone’ said Robin talking about his movie dreams.

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Robin added that she is careful about interacting and talking with people now and peace of mind is always important. ‘I give the highest priority to peace of mind. So my circle is very small. As our circle shrinks, our problems shrink.’

‘Honestly, I’m afraid to talk to or interact with anyone right now. Because no one knows who is carrying the camera and who is recording. Proceeding carefully, watching and paying attention. I felt that the criticism that came against me was like a few women coming and blaming each other.’

When it comes to interview, the interviewee and the interviewee need quality. The interviewee should talk about things in his life. It is not necessary to blame others. There is no need to prove the allegations. Once I tried it, everything went out of my hands,’ said Robin.

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Bigg Boss Malayalam Fame Robin Radhakrishnan Says His First Priority Is Mental Peace- Read In Malayalam

Story first published: Tuesday, April 11, 2023, 22:40 [IST]

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