Big panic in the neighbor! Turkey’s support continues

It was stated that 3 firefighting planes sent from Turkey to combat the forest fire that broke out in Georgia in the past days also supported the response to the fire in the Şavnabad forest in the capital Tbilisi.

While the cause of the fire was not yet known, rising smoke could be seen from miles away. Residents of the capital experienced fear and panic. While it is reported that many teams participated in the firefighting, the air and land response to the fire continues.

The fire in Borjomi has been going on since August 19

The forest fire that broke out on 19 August in Borjomi district of Samtshe-Jawaheti region of Georgia still could not be extinguished. It was announced that the fire was about to be brought under control, while the fire was intervened by approximately 2 thousand people both from the air and from the land.

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