Biden’s support for Ukraine: Referendums are completely fake

US President Joe Bidenin his speech within the scope of the USA-Pacific Island Countries Summit, UkraineHe made statements about the referendum held in Turkey for the first time.

Joe BidenEmphasizing that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries are very important to them, he stated that they will always stand by Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine war.

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Biden, “The United States will never accept Russia’s claims on sovereign Ukrainian territory. This so-called referendum is completely bogus. The results of the referendum were designed in Moscow. We can see the real will of the Ukrainian people by looking at their daily sacrifice for the independence of their country.” said.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry PeskovToday, a signing ceremony will be held in the Kremlin regarding the accession of new regions to Russia, and Russian President Vladimir PutinHe also announced that he would give a comprehensive speech.

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