Biden: ‘Much Alive’, Biden Projected To Won The South Carolina

Joe Biden has run three times, and yet until Saturday, he had neglected to win a primary or caucus.

The vice president has notched a success that was anticipated according to the projection of The Associated Press.

“Only days before, the media and the pundits had announced his candidacy dead. Now, as a result of you all — the center of the Democratic Party — we won and we have won big for you personally, and we are extremely much alive,” an energized Biden said in the event with fans at Columbia, S.C.

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The key win has got the capability to resurrect Biden’s campaign following a run of bad finishes in another early voting nation (fourth position at Iowa, the fifth position at New Hampshire and a distant second in Nevada).

“This effect completely interrupts the race. How Joe Biden won large — and the end result was in the day during prime time at the time zone — gives a huge boost. If Joe Biden can finally conquer Bernie Sanders to the Democratic nomination, we’ll return on this particular night as a crucial moment in American political history,” Republican strategist Whit Ayres told NPR.

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A Vast Majority of Democratic voters in South Carolina are African American. And Biden has insisted that he has support from black voters than any other candidate and the Democratic nominee will require funding from African American voters to win the election.

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