Be careful when sunbathing; accelerates aging

Although it may seem romantic to leave the hot summer days behind and say hello to autumn where dry leaves are falling, changing seasonal conditions have a greater impact on our skin health than we think. Although many people try to tan in the summer, the sun’s ultraviolet rays actually cause serious damage to our skin. “Tanning is actually the result of a defense mechanism that the skin activates to protect itself,” said Dermatology Specialist Uzm. Dr. Asli Tokmak; “The skin exposed to the sun dries out, and early signs of aging appear, such as spotting, fine wrinkles and loss of elasticity.”

“Moisturizing the skin is important”

Our skin, which is damaged by the effect of sun and moisture in the summer, becomes more sensitive and fragile in autumn, especially with the effect of dry and windy weather, and eczema and itching appear more frequently. This is why hydration of the skin becomes very important. It is possible to replace the moisture, mineral and vitamin support lost by the skin with the mesotherapy method. Dr. Knob; He stated that as in every season, care should be taken to consume at least 2 liters of water a day for a healthy skin in this period as well.

“Oily skin has an increase in acne in the autumn season”

exp. Dr. Asli Tokmak; Saying, “You can make minor changes in your care routine for your skin, whose heat and moisture balance changes with the coming of autumn,” he said, “You should prefer soft and water-based cleansers for your sensitive skin this season. With the wear of the skin in the summer, a layer of dead cells forms on the top, and as new cells move upwards, dandruff begins to shed on the skin. Superficial and light peeling can be applied to the upper layer of the skin at regular intervals in order to purify the skin from dead cells, to remove acne scars, pore widths and spots caused by sun damage. Tokmak underlined that by removing the dull and pale appearance of the skin, a fresher appearance can be obtained with a brighter and tightened pores.
Golden advice for your skin from the expert

Tokmak gave the following recommendations for skin protection:

“Hair is just as affected by the sun, sea and chlorinated water in summer as our skin. In the autumn, there is an increase in hair drying, breakage, dandruff and hair loss. Mesotherapy application, which contains moisture, vitamins and minerals that hair needs, will be good for maintaining hair health.

One of the most sensitive points on the body are the lips. With the decrease of humidity and the effect of cold weather, cracks on the lips can often be seen. For this, it is important to care frequently during the day with almond oil balms and lip moisturizers.

One of the most important elements for our skin health is to use sunscreen cream. As it is known, the most powerful anti-aging products are sunscreen creams. Although many people associate the use of sunscreen with the summer season, sunscreen creams should be used in all seasons and every day. Although sunscreens containing 50 or more SPF are preferred, especially for the skin type, in summer, sunscreens with an SPF of 30 can be used with the end of the summer.

Speaking of antiaging approaches, if you haven’t applied botulinum toxin at the beginning of summer to prevent the wrinkles in the forehead area and between the eyebrows of crow’s feet caused by squinting in sunny weather, we recommend that you have your dermatologist apply botulinum toxin before entering the autumn so that these wrinkles do not deepen and become permanent.

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