Be careful not to have too much money out of your pocket in cold weather: Tips for saving in combi boilers

With the arrival of the last week of September, the air temperatures in Istanbul and throughout Turkey decreased, and the autumn weather began to turn its face towards winter. Bülent Emin Turan from Posta Newspaper wrote about the points to be considered in saving combi boilers in order not to have too much money out of pocket.

Combi boilers, which are the heat control centers of households during the winter months, operate continuously for months. Metal fatigue, water leakage, dust effect, electricity leakage… A minor malfunction or loss of performance will not only increase natural gas consumption and bring extra burdens to your budget, but also shorten the life of the combi boiler. Therefore, do not ignore periodic maintenance and routine checks.


Natural gas provides the most practical and economical heating in cold weather. The number of natural gas subscribers in Turkey exceeds 18.5 million. Natural gas consumption of subscribers broke records last year. Gas consumption increased by more than 23 percent compared to 2020, reaching 58.8 billion cubic meters. The share of residences in this consumption is 28 percent (16.4 billion cubic meters). This year, it is calculated that there will be 17.4 billion cubic meters of consumption in residences.


Last year, consumers who used natural gas for heating, hot water and cooking purposes paid an average of 2,600 Turkish lira (this year it is expected to be 5 thousand 6 thousand Turkish lira). 2 thousand liras of this was spent on heating. In other words, the heart of the heat, the combi boiler has done a great job. The resulting invoice shows that combi boiler health also has a significant impact on budget health. In other words, it is imperative that we pay attention to the heart of the heating system so that more money does not come out of pocket in these days when the energy crisis is frequently mentioned in the world. So how?

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17.9 million of the 18.5 million subscribers are residential subscribers. In other words, approximately 18 million combi boilers are used in homes. The average age of combi boilers varies between 15-17 years, there are also examples reaching 20 years. Since most of the combi boilers are old technology (not condensing), their consumption is high and their heat efficiency is low. This makes boiler health and maintenance even more important. It is useful to take action during this period in order not to deal with maintenance during the winter months when heat is needed.


Prices of all products from A to Z have increased. The boiler also got its share from this price increase. It is almost difficult to find combi boilers for prices under 10 thousand liras. Due to these high amounts, those whose combi boiler malfunctions or who will buy a combi boiler for their rental home are going to the second hand. However, experts warn consumers that this is not the right choice: “This type of device often fails to function and can lead to high gas consumption when it is not fully calibrated.”

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Apart from the annual maintenance, the ideal pressure value (must be between 1.5-2 bar) in combi boilers should be checked periodically by the consumer and increased when necessary. If this pressure is not enough, it is seen that there are interruptions in the hot water while taking a shower. Likewise, water does not go to the honeycombs at the desired pressure and temperature.


Since the heating system operates in a closed circuit, only boiler maintenance is not sufficient for the heating system. In addition to the boiler maintenance, periodic cleaning of the filters and professional replacement of the radiator water, if there is a need to remove the radiator air, is important for the efficient operation of the system.


The chimney is important in terms of taking the air required for combustion from the outside and transporting the waste air to the atmosphere. If the chimney is clogged or dusty, it increases electricity and gas consumption. It is also possible for the dust to damage the mechanical parts of the device. Therefore, periodic chimney cleaning and the use of original chimneys and accessories are important.


Regular periodic boiler maintenance provides energy and fuel savings of up to 20-30 percent. Another major financial contribution of periodic combi boiler maintenance to the consumer is the prolongation of the life of the combi boiler, the price of which starts at 10 thousand liras.

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Since it is the boiler maintenance season, brands are also applying discounted campaigns at the moment. Periodic maintenance fee varies depending on whether the combi is condensing and old type. The figures demanded by authorized services these days are between 200-300 liras. After periodic maintenance, if the device does not have a warranty, an additional warranty can be purchased. Some brands do not charge annual periodic maintenance fees when additional warranty is received.


Even though the combi boiler’s service life is up to 20 years, it is useful to prefer new technological products within the possibilities without waiting for these periods. Sometimes a device that consumes less can pay for itself in a short time with its stingy attitude. For example, condensing combi boilers save up to 30 percent. Considering this savings and current gas prices (5.7 lira per cubic meter including tax), it is calculated that the device will pay for itself in 6-7 years. As natural gas prices increase, this period may be shorter.

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