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Barbaroslar season 1 episode 24 is aired on 24th March night in Turkey and 25th morning in India, Pakistan and across the globe with english subtitles.

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Barbaroslar Episode 24 Written Update

Hizir finds Gabriel and captures him. Hizir demands Piero (Gabriel’s commander) to release Oruz and Antuan in excahnge for Gabrel’s life.

But Gabriel orders Piero to not release Oruz and tells him, Kill Oruz if Hizir kills him.

Gabriel decides to sacrifice his life for the Island on the other hand Oruz gets ready to sacrifice his life for the Island war.

Gabriel demands to stop attacking the island then only he will accept releasing Oruz.

Hizir accepts it. Demands Mesih Pasha to stop attacking the island.

Mesih pasha becomes stubborn and he resists it.

Mesih pasha about to fire with canons and Piero sets to kill Oruz, Pablo arrives at the same time with huge number of ships.

Mesih pasha stops order.

Hizir asks him to retreat. And mesih pasha gives all ships under Hizir’s command.

Hizir takes the control to save all ships.

Hizir attacks with proper plan and destroys all the fleet of Venice that was lead by Pablo.

Hizir’s ships are also damaged, so he says to retreat temporarily to kelemez.

Mesih Pasha asks Hizir to give him Gabriel so that he can execute him.

Mesih Pasha gives one day time to Hizir to save Oruz else he will kill Gabriel and attack Levita Island for himself.

Shahzade Korkut on the way, so Mesih Pasha is pushing and doing all these things.

Hizir’s last option is to attack the Levita Island and save Oruz. Hizir has one day time.

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