Bahceli video from MHP: That’s enough for me…

A remarkable video sharing came from the MHP official social media account. It was noteworthy that the sharing was made after the Parliamentary Presidency election.

It is known that MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli is interested in the classic car. A video on this concept came from MHP as well.

In the video, there are moments when Bahçeli is behind the wheel of his Volvo 760 model classic car with license plate 06 TCD 009 and tours in Ankara.

Ferdi Tayfur’s song “This is enough for me” plays in the classic car video with Bahçeli at the wheel.

In the video, the evil eye beaded amulet in the rear view mirror of the car, Bahçeli’s ring and rosary in his hand and sunglasses also attract attention.

MHP shared the video post with the note “This is enough for me…”

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