Back to school movement at Istanbul bus terminal

There is a back-to-school movement at the 15 July Democracy Bus Terminal. While some students return to Istanbul for school, some set out to go to the city where they study.

After the summer vacation, all students and teachers, except for the school adaptation period, will start their classes on Monday. The round trip has started for those who live in Istanbul and spend their summer vacation in different provinces or study in other cities. The students’ return trip to school will also start at the 15 July Democracy Bus Terminal. İsmet Bayri, who works in a travel company, said, “There is activity on the way back to school. We come via Muş, Tatvan, Bitlis. We also have Ağrı route, both of them are busy. Reservations start 10 days in advance. It has been very busy for 10 days. Prices are a little lower on departures because there are no passengers on the departure, it is one-way,” he said. Travel company operator Alaattin Sendek said, “Universities will also be opened, so there will be congestion. We are bringing what we carry in 3 months, compressed in 1 week and 10 days. The students and families who come the most are from vacation. Student Birsen Bindi said, “I am going to Çanakkale from Istanbul. It is my first year at 18 Mart University. I will go home. I live there with my sister. My home preparations are not completely finished, but there is not much of a rush.” said. Yağız Güldaş, a senior high school student, said, “I am going to Ordu. I came here upon an invitation. Now I’m going back to school again. “I will prepare for university this year,” he said.

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