Baby good news from Peri in Stickman! “It will be good for both of them with Tamer”

Star TV’s popular series “Stick Man” came to the screen with its 24th episode on Wednesday, June 7th. The baby news was marked in the last episode where Peri wanted to get away from Tamer. Here are the details…

In the last episode of the “Stick Man” series, starring Elçin Sangu and Engin Altan Düzyatan; While everyone in the mansion under Bülent’s control was uneasy, Peri’s confusion and learning that she was pregnant drew attention. Expressing that what she said to her doctor before was not true, Peri stated that Tamer kidnapped her and kept her in the cellar after he suggested her, and then she let her go, but she could not go. Peri, who collected her belongings when she returned home, did not believe Tamer’s saying, “I lied.” At that time, while Bülent brought İpek to the mansion, the tension in the house increased, Tamer threw Peri in the car. Tamer, who took her to the company, asked Elit if there was anything between them. Elit also stated that there was no such thing and asked Peri why she was staying with her when she did not trust her husband so much. On top of that, Peri got angry first at him and then at Tamer. Saying that she wanted to be alone for a while, Peri left the company. Meanwhile, while Berrin was thinking about Ahu’s illness, Selim and Can came while trying to give morale to her sister. Berrin and Selim agreed to start treatment as soon as possible. While the two were getting ready and leaving, Tamer said that he wanted to go to Ayvalık after having a conversation with Ercü. She said that she should take her to a closer place and that they could come together and solve their problems. Begüm, pretending to be sick to her stomach, offered Peri to go to Sapanca. When the couple arrived at their place of stay, while Peri was enjoying nature, Tamer came. Saying “I don’t want to be dependent on you” to Tamer, Peri remembered that her doctor had said that she had already left that cellar and that she could set out without him. Peri said to her husband, “I just wanted some time from you”; Tamer also apologized and left. At the same time, Meryem took action to prepare a surprise for Yavuz, who distanced herself from her father because of her father. Meryem, who first got on the stage and sang the song “Without You”, was shocked by the arrival of her father and İpek. While Bülent was upsetting everyone with his words, Meryem proposed to Yavuz. Ignoring Bülent’s sarcasm, Yavuz went on stage and put a ring on Meryem’s finger. The duo took Bülent and İpek out. Seko, who came to her house with Berrin at the end of the night; When he asked her why she didn’t want him to hold her hand, Berrin said, “I get very excited when you hold my hand.” At the same time, Peri, who had a bad stomach at dinner and suspected that she was pregnant, found Tamer and made peace with him. Peri, who did not take her medicine at night, disappeared in the morning. Tamer, who was afraid when he could not find him, took a sigh of relief when he suddenly appeared in front of him. Expressing that she went to the pharmacy, Peri said, “It doesn’t feel right to use medicine while she is in this state. I don’t want to poison her,” and Tamer realized that she was pregnant. The couple hugged and celebrated the news of the baby. Then, returning to the mansion, Peri from the Tamer-Peri couple did not respond to İpek’s provocations and said, “You will be a grandmother and I will be a very happy woman.” Aysel, who heard that Peri was expecting a baby, hugged her and expressed her happiness. Comments poured in on the social media that Peri and Tamer will have children. “I hope Silk will not do anything to the baby”

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