A method to protect children from the effects of the digital age: Gymnastics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently published Understanding Trends in Youth Participation In Sport According to research, 55% of young people enjoy their time at school more on days when they do physical activity. In the study conducted with 5 thousand young people and 2 thousand parents from 10 countries, it was noted that young … Read more

Both the patient and the healthcare provider are victims of the practice that Minister Koca announced as ‘good news’: Crisis in home health care!

In the regulation regarding the service, the Ministry stated that a “home health service unit” with a capacity of at least three beds and equipment will be established within the health facility where short-term treatments can be provided for cases that require examination, diagnosis and examination. RISK OF INFECTION On the other hand, there is … Read more

Pollen allergy symptoms and treatment

Department of Chest Diseases Dr. Lecturer Member of Melahat Bekir Külahexplained that as the seasons shift due to global warming, spring allergens start earlier and last longer. Dr. Lecturer Member Külah stated that approximately one in every 3 people in the society has an allergic body and said, “The majority of atopic people generally have … Read more

Expert warned: Pay attention to nutrition in chronic diseases

Expert Dietician Kübra Tekay made warnings and suggestions to families regarding child health with the opening of schools. Drawing attention to the importance of physical and mental development in children who are just starting school, Tekay said: “Nutrition is extremely important for children who have just started school, especially those in the 6-12 age group, … Read more

Serie A hook for Galatasaray’s Dries Mertens!

Galatasaray’s Belgian star Dries Mertens A remarkable transfer claim was made from Italy. According to the news in the Italian press; Fiorentina And Laziois interested in the Belgian star. In the news, it was stated that in addition to Fiorentina and Lazio from Italy, there is also the possibility of Mertens returning to Napoli, where … Read more