Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii reactivates

Kilauea Volcano in the US state of Hawaii, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, has reactivated. An explosion occurred in the summit crater of Kilauea Volcano in the US state of Hawaii. The US Geological Survey (USGS) reported that the Hawaii Volcano Observatory detected a glow indicating the start of the eruption … Read more

He killed his lover and put him in the sack: First he confessed to ‘I made mouse poisoned rice’ and then he refused – Last Minute Turkey News

Life imprisonment requested A lawsuit was filed against Sakhizadeh, who was arrested, at the Denizli 3rd High Criminal Court, demanding life imprisonment for “deliberately killing a woman”. She left with the file of NK, who helped transport the body. Sakhizadeh’s trial began today. To the trial; only detained defendant Sabour Sakhizadeh and his lawyer attended. … Read more

Iran’s Consulate in Jeddah reopened after 7 years – Last Minute World News

NORMALIZATION PROCESS BETWEEN IRAN AND SAUDI ARABIA Riyadh and Tehran agreed on the resumption of diplomatic relations within two months through Chinese officials in Beijing on March 10, after a 7-year hiatus. Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Emir Abdullahiyan and his Saudi Arabian counterpart, Faisal bin Ferhan, also met in Beijing on April 6 and agreed … Read more

Foreign Minister Fidan discussed NATO membership with his Swedish counterpart – Last Minute Türkiye News

An important meeting took place on the Ankara – Stockholm line. Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan had a telephone conversation with Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström. According to the information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Billström congratulated Fidan for his new position. Fidan emphasized that concrete steps should be taken for Sweden’s NATO membership. … Read more

He gave history and warned about artificial intelligence: It can lead to many deaths – Breaking News

“REGULATIONS MUST BE MADE ON A GLOBAL SCALE” Asked about the possibility of humanity being destroyed by artificial intelligence, Clifford replied, “I don’t think it’s zero.” gave the answer. Referring to the potential of artificial intelligence to develop dangerous cyber and biological weapons that can lead to many deaths, Clifford continued his words as follows: … Read more