Attack on Wagner in Bahmut from Ukraine

Bahmut in the Donbas region of Ukraine was the city where the most violent conflicts took place. The Russian mercenary group Wagner, after capturing the city, is now handing it over to the Russian army. But during Wagner’s withdrawal, the Ukrainian army also carries out attacks on members of the group.

Images of some attacks by the Ukrainian army in the outer regions of Bahmut emerged. Ukraine said about 80 Wagner fighters were killed and 119 wounded in these clashes.

Russia’s Wagner group began handing over its positions to regular troops this week, after declaring full control of Bahmut in the wake of the war’s longest and bloodiest battle. ” had made a statement. The Wagner leader announced that in the conflicts in Bahmut alone, approximately 20,000 soldiers, of whom 10 thousand were recruited from Russian prisons, had been killed so far.

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