Attack on teacher with brass knuckles – Last Minute Türkiye News

While getting out of his car in front of the school, physical education teacher Rıdvan Bat was attacked by his hostile people with brass knuckles in Mardin.

Bat, who was hit on his head and different parts of his body, was injured, and health and police teams were sent to the scene upon the notification of his colleagues.

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After the first intervention, Bat was taken to the Mardin Training and Research Hospital, where it was found that his rib was broken and his liver was ruptured during the treatment.

Bat was then transferred to Diyarbakır Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital.


Artuklu District Director of National Education Mehmet Emin Duyan condemned the attack in front of the school and in front of the students. Hearing said that they will follow up the issue.

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Two suspects were detained as part of the investigation launched into the incident. Proceedings of the suspects are continuing.

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