Attack on Russia by ‘Ukrainian saboteurs’

According to the news of Russian state television RT, a Ukrainian sabotage group Belgorod entered the region. The Kremlin made a statement regarding the attack. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskovannounced that a commando unit of the Ukrainian army had entered the border and infiltrated the Gravyoron region of Belgorod.

Peskov claimed that with this attack, Ukraine was trying to alleviate the political burden of the Bahmut defeat. Kremlin spokesman, President of Russia Vladimir PutinHe underlined that .

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Ukrainian intelligence spokesperson Andrey Yusovclaimed that the operation was carried out by Russian citizens of Kiev. Soldiers attacking Belgorod “Freedom for Russia” And “Russian Volunteer Army”He said they were attached to him.

In the meantime, the participation of various armored vehicles and helicopters in the clashes in the Belgorod region was reflected in the cameras. It was noteworthy that the saboteurs spoke with a Russian accent. At least one Russian soldier was killed, according to the footage.

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Russia in March Bryansk The Russian Volunteers Army claimed responsibility for the attack on the region. Two Russian civilians were killed in the attack.

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