Attack on CHP women who carry out election work!

CHP women carrying out election campaigns and visiting tradesmen in the Sırakapılar District of Denizli’s Merkezefendi District were attacked. While the CHP Merkezefendi District Women’s Branch Chair Işık Kodal and the women accompanying her were working, a shopkeeper in the region “You are terrorist” he shouted in response.

According to the news of Denizli Olay, CHP women reacted to the verbal attack. Citizens who saw the growing debate wanted to intervene. The attackers, who are claimed to be 4 people, also argued with the citizens.


CHP Deputy Chairman, who was at the mandate ceremony during the attack, and Denizli Deputy Gülizar Biçer Karaca And CHP Denizli Deputy Şeref Arpacı went to the scene.

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CHP Merkezefendi District Chairman Müjdat İlhan announced that they have filed a criminal complaint against all the attackers.

Making a statement on the subject, CHP Denizli Provincial Chairman Ali Osman Horzum said:

“Today we had an unexpected event in Denizli. When our esteemed women’s branches go to work, they distribute the brochures in their hands. It is the election period and we are working. Unfortunately, a friend of ours who we know is the AKP administrator, blocked the way of our women, insulted them many times, even though they were women, and tried to chase them away. Our women were disturbed. Thankfully, our prudent citizens, who were passing by, intervened in the incident. At the moment, the incident has been transferred to the police. We complained about it. Just as they did in Erzurum, they did this kind of attack in Trabzon, just as they did in Urfa, in Denizli. They don’t hesitate to do it. When they realized that they would lose, they started to show all kinds of bad faces, but these negativities will not discourage our women, our youth, our party members, nor our citizens. We will work harder than ever. We will wake up to a country in peace on Monday. Come on, Denizli, please go to the ballot box. In spite of what has been done, please go to the ballot box.”

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