ATA AÖF final exams are starting: How to participate in the online exam, what time will the exams start? (ATA AÖF exam entry screen) – Last Minute Türkiye News


During the exam process, you can only take your exams for the course/courses you are responsible for by entering the system between 10.00 and 23.00 on the day the said course/courses are included in the exam schedule. However, it is important to consider that staying at the end of the specified time interval may cause connection problems due to busyness.

The session duration of the exam, which consists of 20 questions for each course, is 30 minutes. You can follow your remaining exam time from the counter on the exam screen.

Your 30-minute period starts after you start the exam, and even if you quit the exam for any reason, the 30-minute exam time continues to decrease. If you do not click the “END EXAM” button within this period, your selected answers will be sent to the system automatically after 30 minutes and your exam session will be terminated. You are prevented from returning to the questions you answered or left blank in the exam. After answering a question or selecting the “Leave Blank” option, you can move on to the next question by using the “Next” button.

In case of internet interruption, “There is a problem with your internet connection. Please check your internet connection to continue the exam.” warning is given and question progress is stopped. In such a case, you can continue the exam from where you left off by checking your internet connection or logging in from a device with an internet connection.

Exam questions will be drawn randomly from the question bank in a way that is personal to the person. However, the exams of students who are found to cheat will be deemed invalid.

During the exam, a question and the answer options for that question (including the “Leave Blank” option) will be displayed on each page. After a question is seen, you can move on to the next question by ticking the option you think is correct or “Leave it blank”. It will not be possible to proceed to the next question without marking.

You are prevented from returning to the questions you answered or left blank in the exam. The sequence of questions and answer choices will be different for each student.

If you encounter any problems during the session (30 minutes) (power/internet outage, browser shutdown, etc.), you can use your remaining time by re-entering the same exam session before the session expires. However, after 30 minutes or when you click the “END EXAM” button, your exam will be completed and you will not be able to retake the exam.

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