As we shoot terrorists, the voice comes from Ankara

In his statement on the agenda, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar stated that the fight against terrorism will continue until the last terrorist is neutralized and said, “There is a process that we have started since July 24, 2015. It is a process that started after the solution process and it continues. Somehow, they thought they could do something smart by digging trenches there and using the innocent people there as human shields. But thankfully, as a result of the struggle there, the terrorists there were buried in the pits they dug. When they could not hold on, they threw themselves across the border. There, they made a name change as YPG in their own minds to deceive the international environment. They are not different in any way, they are terrorists within the same framework. They made some preparations there and they thought that we would not be able to enter there. Thank goodness we now have full control of the Iraqi border with the completion of Claw – Lock. All of the terrorists’ shelters were destroyed on their heads, together with the measures taken there by being controlled one by one, and they continue to be demolished. We will do this until the last terrorist is neutralized. I hope this is close,” he said.

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“We are shooting terrorists, the sound comes from Ankara”

Minister Akar said that the terrorists screamed and wanted the operations to be stopped and said, “Recently, the leaders of these terrorists are in a great panic screaming and asking for help from their masters. In the past, they asked their masters for weapons, ammunition, tools and equipment. Now they don’t want it. Because they have seen by experience that they are no longer useful and that they are of no value in the face of the Mehmetçik. Now they want the operations to be stopped. As we shoot terrorists there, the voice comes from Ankara. They say stop operations. Why? Terrorists are in a difficult situation, their ringleader wants the operations to stop. They say we have no patience anymore. But this is by no means possible. No matter what anyone says or does, whatever our planning is, it is entirely in the interests of our country, whatever the interests of 85 million people are at that point. It is purely for the security of our borders,” he said.

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