792-year-old Divrigi Castle is being restored

Mengücekoğulları pertaining to the period Divrigi Castle, 792 years of history with attention. Divriği Great Mosque in 1230 also doing Ahmed Shah son of the castle, whose construction was started by Melih Salih It is known to have been completed by The castle, which was built at a point dominating the district, from its foundation … Read more

What is the subject of the movie The Secret of Naples, who are its actors? Where was The Secret of Naples filmed? Who is the director of The Secret of Naples?

original name Naples Velata The screenplay of the movie was written by Gianni Romoli. The genre of The Secret of Naples, starring Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Alessandro Borghi, is thriller and romance. WHAT IS THE SUBJECT OF THE FILM THE SECRET OF NAPOLI? At a party in Naples, Adriana meets Andrea, a confident and attractive man. … Read more

3 more cist graves found on Çayönü Hill

Three more cist graves were found on Çayönü Hill, which is known to be 12 thousand years old in Ergani, is considered one of the places where the first agricultural activities started, and carries the traces of the Neolithic period. It was stated that these graves are a continuation of the 5,000-year-old cist grave found … Read more

What Is The Meaning Of The Name Nihal? Is the name Nihal mentioned in the Qur’an, TDK Dictionary Meaning What Does It Mean?

31.08.2022 11:41 Last Update: 31.08.2022 11:42 Nihal is one of the names commonly given to girls today. This name has two different meanings. What Is The Meaning Of The Name Nihal? The name Nihal means sapling and fresh shoot. The second meaning of this name means a lover whose body is slim and beautiful. People … Read more

“9th Book Days” started in Sivas

“September 4 Sivas Culture and Art Events” included in the program to the “9th Book Days” Sivas Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, guests and citizens attended. Mayor Bilgin is at the ceremony of Sivas Book Days, which made great contributions to the science and education level of the city. from 2011 to present He stated that thanks … Read more

A collective zeybek show was held in Bodrum

In the Bodrum district of Muğla, more than 300 people played blended and zeybek as part of the August 30 Victory Day events. Those moments were captured from the air by drone. Monday, August 29, 2022, 23:00 Subscribe Bodrum Municipality organized by 30th of August Victory Day within the scope of activities Turgutreis … Read more