What Is The Meaning Of The Name Nihal? Is the name Nihal mentioned in the Qur’an, TDK Dictionary Meaning What Does It Mean?

31.08.2022 11:41 Last Update: 31.08.2022 11:42 Nihal is one of the names commonly given to girls today. This name has two different meanings. What Is The Meaning Of The Name Nihal? The name Nihal means sapling and fresh shoot. The second meaning of this name means a lover whose body is slim and beautiful. People … Read more

Or how to write TDK? Is ‘or’ written together or separately?

30.08.2022 12:33 Last Updated: 30.08.2022 12:36 Or, its spelling is among the words announced by the Turkish Language Association. While TDK explains the correct spelling of words with examples, it also provides information on their meaning. According to the Turkish Language Association, the choice of the word “or” is explained as a word that indicates … Read more

What is the meaning of the name Onur? Is the name honor mentioned in the Qur’an, what does the TDK dictionary mean?

30.08.2022 15:00 Last Update: 30.08.2022 15:01 But this name is mostly preferred for boys. Honor means self-respect. What is the meaning of the name Onur? The meaning of the name Honor means the honor, respect and value that people show. The name Onur is among the special names that can be preferred for girls and … Read more