Armed ‘land’ fight in Konya: 1 dead, 2 injured

Osman K. and Hüseyin İncekara started arguing about the land dispute between them, allegedly, at around 13.00 on Friday, September 23 in the Akçayazı District of Karapınar district.

His wife Fadim İncekara and his son Mücahit İncekara, who were next to İncekara, also joined the discussion. In the incident that turned into a fight, Osman K. opened fire on Hüseyin İncekara, his wife Fadim and his son Mücahit İncekara, with the gun with him. The İncekara family, who was shot from various parts, collapsed to the ground in blood.

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Osman K. also fled the scene. The gendarmerie and medical teams were dispatched to the region upon the notification. Injured family members were taken to Karapınar State Hospital by ambulances. Hüseyin İncekara, one of the wounded who was treated, died despite all the intervention of the doctors.

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The Gendarmerie started an operation to catch Osman K., who escaped.

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