Approval from the USA to the world’s most expensive drug: $ 3.5 million per dose

The FDA on Thursday approved Hemgenix for the treatment of the blood clotting disorder Hemophilia B, declaring it “representing a significant advance in developing innovative treatments for people affected by the disease.” Pharmaceutical company CSL Behrige announced the price tag of $3.5 million soon after the treatment was approved.

According to the news in Euronews Turkish, the approval of Hemgenix made it the most expensive drug in the world, as it is a therapy worth 3.5 million dollars per dose.

Hemgenix is ​​a one-time intravenous injection therapy aimed at treating Hemophilia B, a disease in which the body cannot produce the protein needed to create blood clots and control bleeding.

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In the current treatment, the patient had to regularly receive intravenous injections to replenish missing or faulty coagulation factor levels. The approved Hemgenix treatment delivers a gene to the liver that can produce the missing clotting factor.

Experiments have revealed that this treatment reduces the expected number of bleeding events by more than half over the course of a year. It has also been shown to save 94 percent of patients from regular injections to control the condition.

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The high cost of this new treatment will largely be borne by pharmaceutical companies and government programs, not by patients.

Regarding the cost of treatment, the drug company claimed that this drug would reduce overall treatment costs, as patients would experience less bleeding and receive less coagulation therapy.

It is estimated that there are approximately 16 million patients with hemophilia B in the United States and Europe. It is thought that one person in every 40 thousand people in the population has this disease and mostly men are affected by the disease.

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