Ankara reduces military activities before the elections

GreeceIn Kathimerini, one of the leading newspapers of the “Ankara further reduced military exercises at sea” A news item was published.

In the news, before the presidential second round elections to be held in Turkey on Sunday, Ankara’s Aegean Seacarried out in “reduced military activity” was put forward.

According to the news, Turkey had planned a naval exercise before the moratorium, but “Information from Ankara shows that the exercise will be postponed or even canceled” specified.

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According to Greek military sources, Turkish authorities have not yet issued the necessary navigational warning (Navtex) prior to the exercise.

Greece’s presidential run-off election, which will take place on Sunday in Turkey, is reported in the news. “focused” was recorded.


With the Athens Memorandum of Understanding signed between Turkey and Greece in 1988, it was decided not to carry out exercises in the international waters of the Aegean Sea and not to declare a military training ground during the busy tourism season between June 15 and September 15.

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