Animal Names Starting with Ü… Animals Starting with the Letter Ü

Animals Starting with the Letter U

There are some mortars that start with Ü in Turkey and outside its borders. Each animal’s habitat is different. Some animals are predators, while others are calmer, which creates the demands of people to live together.

Animal Names Starting with U

Three Spotted Gourami Fish: Three Spotted Gourami Fish, which is among the seafood products, attracts everyone’s attention with its appearance. Three Spotted Gourami Fish are seen to grow to approximately 14 and 16 cm in length. Laying 1000 eggs for reproduction is seen among the preferred aquarium fish. Fish likes high temperatures, the breeding temperature is known as 30 degrees. Not being a calm and aggressive fish, it is among the fish that are enjoyable to watch.

Üveyik: Üveyk is among the families of the guven. Its size is smaller than pigeons, and it has a beautiful and delicate appearance. The dove, which has many colors, has a dazzling appearance. It is widely found in nature.

Rowan fly: It is a fly species that belongs to the mosquito family and is referred to as the mosquito fly. Its length varies between 3-10 mm. The offspring species are fed with flowers and blood. Like all mosquitoes, it has double wings and long, slender legs. Mosquitoes are generally among the unloved animals. It is not welcomed by most people about itching and bleeding on people.

Sadfish: It is common in warm waters and Black Sea region. Males are taller than females. Their height is between 10 and 30 cm. It lives extensively in sandy and muddy areas.

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