Ani Ruins in Kars takes its visitors on a historical journey

Ani, where Christians and Muslims lived side by side in the past, spreads over an area of ​​85 hectares in the middle of the deep narrow gorge where the Arpaçay River passes.

Ani, also known as the “World City”, “Cradle of Civilizations”, “A Thousand and One Churches” and “City with 40 Doors”, has religious buildings such as mosques, churches and cathedrals, as well as many historical buildings that are cultural treasures.

Ani, which is the first gateway to Anatolia from the Caucasus, contains Islamic architectural works from the 11th and 12th centuries.

It was included in the World Heritage Tentative List by UNESCO in 2012. Ani Ruins Ancient CityIt was registered as a world heritage site in 2016.

Ani, where many different civilizations besides the Turks lived throughout history, and where at least 6 languages ​​were spoken, including Armenian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Georgian and Persian, between 970 and 1320, hosts thousands of visitors every season.

Hakan Köksal, one of the visitors, said that Ani, where different structures exist together, takes its visitors on an unforgettable historical journey.

karsStating that they came to Turkey for sightseeing purposes, Köksal said, “When we came to Kars, we couldn’t do without seeing the Ani Ruins. There are many beautiful places in this historical texture, it is a place with churches, mosques and different buildings. I recommend everyone to come here and see this historical texture.” .

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