And Russia cut off Europe’s gas! Operator: Flow reduced to zero in Nord Stream 1…

Russia has stopped gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, citing that its only remaining compressor needs maintenance.

According to the news in The Guardian, the study, which was announced less than two weeks ago and focuses on the final operating turbine at the station, is being carried out by Gazprom, not Nord Stream AG.

The Russian company, which reduced the supply to 40 percent of capacity in June and to 20 percent in July through Nord Stream 1, pointed to the sanctions, stating that maintenance problems prevented the return and installation of equipment.

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Russia has also completely cut off its supply to Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Poland, along with the Nord Stream 1 shutdown for maintenance.

Germany’s Economy Minister Robert Habeck said that there was no technical problem as Moscow claimed. Klaus Mueller, head of the country’s grid regulator, also reported that Europe’s largest economy is making better-than-expected progress in filling gas storage facilities, but not enough to survive the winter.

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