An 83-year-old aunt collects food from the garbage!

CHP Nazilli District President Serdar Alptekin and IYI Party Nazilli District President Durmuş Kural, who saw an old woman named FT searching for food in the garbage in the morning while they were conducting election work in the Tuesday market established in Nazilli district, listened to the woman’s problem.

Stating that she scrambled the dumps because she had no income, the old woman told Alptekin and Kural that she only received food and coal aid from the Aydın Metropolitan Municipality.

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Alptekin said:

“Our hearts really hurt. Unfortunately, in a place like Nazilli, an 83-year-old aunt collects food from the garbage and when we go to her and when we ask her, she says, ‘What can I do, son, I have no money. No one helps me.’ What a sad thing. And they say; Everyone is happy, prosperous and peacefully eating. He has no money to buy bread. He collects it from the garbage, there is no such thing. Shame on him. Shame on whoever contributed to this country’s turn into this. I will not say anything else.”

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Rule said:

“Friends, shame on an 83-year-old person collecting potatoes from garbage like this in Nazilli, Turkey’s cheapest country. They just passed through here (AK Party members). They passed without touching any tradesmen. Why, because they have no face to touch. They couldn’t say hello to any shoppers. Because they don’t have a face to say hello.”

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