AKP municipality sells their land

Keçiören Municipality in Ankara, which is an AKP member, has put up for sale a total of 11 lands belonging to the municipality.

Released: 08.06.2023 – 04:00

Update: 08.06.2023 – 04:00


Tenders will be made by closed bid method. The estimated value of the plots is 111.1 million liras. The lands are located in Ovacık, Yükseltepe and Sancaktepe. The smallest is 860 square meters and the largest is 13 thousand 315 square meters. Some of the plots are owned by the municipality. All tenders will be held on July 20.

The land with the highest appraised value is in Ovacik. It has an estimated cost of 111.1 million liras.

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